We're all About Selection

We are a leading importer and distributor of estate wines in the Philippines since 2002. We scour countrysides and visit one vineyard at the time, meet and interview winemakers,
and conduct comparative tasting so we can bring you a standout selection—the best offerings that are leagues above mass-produced wines. 

Our work consists mainly of bringing high value-for-money wines to the country. Our vast collection of artisan wines and estates is rich in discoveries of styles and tastes.
With each wine bearing a distinct character, we have helped on-trade clients craft a winning wine list for their patrons.

Collectively, the products we purvey reflect the values we celebrate— authenticity, diversity, sustainability, and originality. Creating exceptional wine is nothing short of artistry.
Finding them and bringing them to you is what we do best.

We Know

We have amassed true knowledge & experience in artisan
wine selection and distribution.

We Care

We empathize with our clients’ business and suit their needs
with tailor-made solutions.

We Serve

We share our hard-earned expertise through consulting
and training services to partners.

Our expertise

From established vineyards and regions, to village estates farming off-the-grid, our portfolio carries a distinctly diverse selection of authentic artisan wines.

By veering away from the lure of big brands and fame, we have brought together an impressive lineup of both traditional grapes and unique grape varieties—with the latter being the widest selection in the country and a major contributor to our success.

We ensure that every bottle we dispense emerged from the best agricultural practices and vinification process. From 2003 to present, we remain committed to sourcing wines from sustainable and biodiverse vineyards. We celebrate winemaking that respects nature and wines that best express the artistry and terroir of the region. 

Our deep appreciation of wine culture is anchored on the unrelenting passion and proficiency of our French founder. Thus, in serving the needs of our clients in the hospitality industry, we provide not only quality service, but also insights and discoveries that help businesses flourish.

Our partner estates/winemakers

We cultivate lasting relationships with artisan winemakers. Get to know the estates and people behind every bottle.

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