Brut Methode Traditionelle

This light sparkling wine from the Loire Valley (France) is made from 100% Vouvray and is an excellent alternative to Champagne or Cava. Filled with flavors and aromas of lemon, citrus peel, white flowers, and tropical fruit characteristics. The bubbles are fine and persistent. Brut Méthode Traditionelle by Domaine Champalou is perfect to drink on its own or accompanied by light cheeses. Available for deliveries within Metro Manila.  

Grape Variety / Blend: chenin blanc
Winery / Estate: Domaine Champalou

An excellent alternative to Champagne or Cava, this sparkling white wine from Loire Valley (France) has flavors and aromas of lemon, citrus peel, white flowers and some tropical fruit characteristics. Bubbles are fine and persistent. Good to drink on its own or with some light cheeses.

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  • Style
  • Vintage
  • Blend/Grape Variety
  • Volume
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Product-Type: Wine
Type: sparkling white
Price Point: 2,001 and above
Style: Brut (0 to 12 g/l)
Vintage: N/V
Blend/Grape Variety: chenin blanc
Volume: 750 ml
Alcohol: 13.00%
Country: France
Region: Domaine Champalou
Estate: Loire Valley
Appellation: AOC Vouvray
Fermentation: Natural
Wine-Making Process: Organic


Loire Valley, France: Domaine Champalou

Catherine and Didier Champalou both came from vigneron families, yet their mutual sense of independence prompted the couple to brave it on their own right after completing viticultural school in Saumur.Vouvray is home to the noble Chenin Blanc, more commonly known as Pineau de la Loire in their part of the world.

The Champalou family farms twenty-one hectares of vineyards on clay, limestone, and siliceous soils. They embrace sustainable farming while also integrating the use of the lunar calendar more traditionally associated with organic viticulture. The soils in their vineyards are rich, deep, and aerated though regular plowing. Cover crops are planted in between vineyard rows to help with excess water absorption and to encourage microbiotic activity in the soil. The Champalou house style produces wines of great elegance and tenderness, highly aromatic with impeccable balance.