Clos Mathis Riesling

This fresh, crisp white wine from Alsace (France) is made from 100% Riesling. The nose is full of aromas of pear, citrus peel, and nuances of grapefruit. It has mouthwatering acidity that gives it a wonderful aging potential. Clos Mathis Riesling from Domaine Ostertag is a well-balanced wine that pairs well with fish and crab dishes and richer poultry such as duck. Available for deliveries within Metro Manila. 

Grape Variety / Blend: riesling
Winery / Estate: Domaine Ostertag

Fresh, crisp white wine from Alsace (France) with aromas and notes of pear, citrus peel and some grapefruit. Has mouthwatering acidity that gives it ageability. Well balanced wine that is good to pair with fish and crab dishes but also with slightly heftier poultry like duck.

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Product-Type: Wine
Type: white
Price Point: 2,001 and above
Vintage: 2018 2021 2022
Blend/Grape Variety: riesling
Volume: 750 ml
Alcohol: 13.50%
Country: France
Region: Alsace
Estate: Domaine Ostertag
Appellation: AOC Alsace
Fermentation: Natural
Wine-Making Process: Biodynamic


Alsace, France: Domaine Ostertag

Ostertag is an emblematic family vineyard in the Alsace Region. At the beginning of that family story we find Adolphe Ostertag who cultivated his land in the sixties. At the time the family was growing beetroots, lucerne and potatoes! Handover happened later when Adolphe inherited the domaine and directed the activity towards the vine and started running it. At last 1966 saw the first harvest and bottling of a Ostertag wine.

100% of the vines have been cultivated following Biodynamic principles since 1998, with respect and understanding of surrounding wildlife and flora. The team of the domaine pays special attention to soil and ecosystem changes. Always keeping in mind a protection approach the Ostertag family chooses barrels made out of wood from the Vosges highlighting regional territories. Harvests are totally done by hand, the wine is not filtered and sulphur input is minimal.

The bottles are transparent with a minimalist label designed by André, enhancing the splendid colour of his wines. In some cases like with the pinots for instance, barrels are prefered to vats in order to develop further the expression of wine aromas.